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Daily Inspiration For The Purpose Driven Life

Daily Inspiration for the Purpose Driven Life: Scriptures and Reflections from the 40 Days of Purpose - Rick Warren

Daily Inspiration For The Purpose Driven Life (2004) by Rick Warren is the companion book of The Purpose Driven Life (2002).  It focuses on biblical quotes that call for 40 days of inspirational study and meditation.


The crux of such devotions is centered around The Great Commandment and The Great Commission.  Believers should learn from the following:  1) "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind;"  2) "Love your neighbor as yourself;" then 3) "Go and make disciples of all nations;" 4) "Baptizing them;" and 5) "Teaching them to obey everything ...."


In this book of reflection much is expected of a believer.  Principally, he has to have a love for God.  Everything he does he ought to realize that it is only through the mercies of a loving God that he is willing to do such things.  To think otherwise is to fall short and miss the reason of the real point of God in his life.


There is a profound rationale to love your neighbor.  Your neighbor should be like your best friend. All good things that you wish for yourself you should wish for him.  There should be no jealousies or pettiness in your relationship.  He should have similar rights like you do.  Even if he is poor or homeless you should not treat him differently.  It is God who is watching all your actions.  He knows your heart and what you are thinking and feeling.


Warren's meditations clearly show that as Christians we all have the responsibility of bringing the gospel to others.  It does not matter if they live locally, nationally or in far away places.  Christianity has a global outreach and everyone has to share the responsibility of making disciples by winning converts of all unbelievers.


Fundamentally, persons that have accepted the word should be baptized in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This is a way to be born again and salvation.  Such believers will come to share their time, talent and treasure with their church.  Such a requirement is essential for the growth of the body of Christ.


According to the author and in reflection, a Christian will soon realize that obedience is paramount.  God loves it when we obey Him.  That is the only way a believer will be a faithful servant.  Those that are responsible in little will be responsible in much.  Christians will know their rewards in paradise.


Each person will take away different things from these reflections.  The authenticity of God's word has to be followed and meditated on for spiritual growth and well-being.  This is the only way of be assured of a secured destiny when we leave this temporary home called earth for heaven.